mimicry (2010) __

the shaman (2009) __

sieg und niederlage (2008-10) __

expansion der gegenwart (2009) __

brigade joussance (2004) __

spaßkulturen (1997) __

international fuel crisis (2007-2010) __

kunst des nationalismus (2006) __

unkirche (2007) __

widerlegung der unterhaltung (1998) __

traktat über die schlange (1998) __

turns (2001-2009)

einmal um die welt und zurück /

once around the world and back again*

Some theoretical objects || Zoran Terzic

The Cosmic Thread (2008) – A superstrong woolen thread extends from the earth to the surface of the moon. As the moon travels around the earth and more thread is being supplied, slowly, the thread will cover the surface of the earth and transform it into a gigantic ball of wool. Cosmic cats (still undetected) will play with it.

The origin of origin, Flower/Video (A VHS tape turns a little plastic flower while playing a video that shows the same flower turning – in a loop.), West Side Gallery, NYC, 2000

The Beginning of it all, desk, various objects (A random little piece of paper circles on top of a messy working desk. It is driven by an electric mechanism underneath.), NYC, 1999.

“What do You mean by that?” – little ship in a sugar bag (1999)

Transplant 03 (in reference to Filiou): Let us place the Arc de Triumph on the North Pole, and let the climate policies determine, whether the ice will melt and drown the arc into the sea. So, with bad climate policies the arc will sink a little bit, with improving policies it will climb up, thus becoming a ‘climate indicator’ (2011).